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About Laura

Yoga Instructor, 500-RYT 
LPC - Candidate / M.A. Counseling
Yoga Therapist In Training

Hi, I'm Laura.  Welcome to my site.

Are you a  high achiever, a recovering perfectionist, a professional worrier, an athlete, or someone who is suffering from the stress of our modern society that keeps us in constant motion and on high alert?

Amen. I have been all of these things at one point or another, sometimes I've been all of them at once.

I was a college athlete, founder of a successful marketing agency, a real estate investor...and now I'm a yoga teacher and a therapist.

Why you ask? Because no matter what I accomplished, no matter how much money I made, it wasn't enough...I wasn't enough.  And then by chance, I stumbled into the practice of yoga.

It wasn't over night, in fact, it's been 7 years now, but slowly through the movements, breath, and philosophical teachings of yoga, I experienced a shift...

First my physical body began to open up, I became more flexible, I also gained new levels of strength and control that I had never tapped into, even after years of training.  Then my breath changed, it was slower, easier, deeper.  And then I began to understand that yoga had not just physiological benefits to offer, but the language of yoga (Sanskrit) and its teachings offered an entirely different worldview if I was brave enough to explore it.

And so I started digging and the more I learned, the more I wanted to share these tools and practices with others, because I know we all suffer; it's the gift of being human.  With some effort and acceptance however, we may learn to suffer less and dare I say, live well.

Live Well,