Ashtanga Yoga



Whether you're looking to try yoga for the first time or looking for a way to stay consistent with your practice, our online classes are a great way for you to join and grow from the comfort of your home.

Explore the basics of yoga; build confidence and experience the physical and mental benefits of a consistent yoga practice by dropping in and taking any of our classes on a regular basis.

Our drop in rate is $10 per class; or we have a monthly unlimited membership of $19.99.


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$19.99 A MONTH

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Like the rest of you, I'm trying to respond quickly to this new world we are living in.  My hope is that by offering an online platform, we can all stay connected and continue to practice together.

By signing up for the unlimited monthly yoga plan, you'll become a founding member of the Live Well Community and have the ability to influence how we grow, where we go, and what services are offered.

Your monthly membership will allow you unlimited access to all of our live group classes and your support of this small business will help us move from dream to reality.

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