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Action, Not Perfectionism, Drives Results

This is seemingly a new world we are living in, but the rules are still largely the same:

· You have value to offer

· You will be challenged by the circumstances in front of you

· You have a choice to be immobilized by perfectionism & fear; or you have a choice to cultivate an attitude of action and fearlessness

9 years as a small business owner and 4 years of teaching yoga has reinforced that everyone has a unique quality to bring to the table, regardless of your level of experience. In fact, in some circumstances, lack of experience within a certain industry or with a given task, might be one of your best assets. Sure, the learning curve might be steep, but you won’t be constrained by doing things ‘the way they’ve always been done,’ and instead, through experimentation you’ll find the way that works best for your specific set of circumstances and challenges.

What are those circumstances and challenges? They are unique to you; and they are unique to the present moment --- and SPOILER ALERT: they aren’t going away! Isn’t it true in both life and business, the second one problem is resolved, another pops up?! The quicker you can learn to avoid conditional happiness: “I’ll be happy when ______________________;” the sooner you’ll be able to adopt an attitude of contentment (santosa) and be unaffected by those challenges that are often opportunities to learn and rise above.

So, what stops us from tackling those challenges and rising above? For me, personally, it has always been fear driven by this pesky little thing called perfection. I want to be the best and any result less than perfect, is absolutely terrifying – Seriously – there have been so many times that I have chosen to do nothing out of fear of failing, not being good enough, or making the wrong decision. But what I get from that attitude is more of the same; inaction does not produce results, only thoughtful action will.

I leave you with today’s mantra: I have value to offer. I am fearless. I will take action.

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